Admission & Registration Center is one of academic support centers. It is responsible for admission, registration and graduation instructions. The center follows up with students’ academic status from the first day at the college until graduation.



The Center’s Aims

  • Achieve a high quality of service.

  • Activate SIS and make sure of its effectiveness and confidentiality.

  • Apply academic bylaw of the Colleges of Applied Sciences.

  • Help students in completing graduation requirements in the specified period through applying strategic solutions for academic problems.

Academic Programs





Borrowing Service Policy


Timing for borowing:

Sunday to Thursday 8 am- 2.50 pm


Borrowing Types:

  • -External:Books or other materials are lent for a limited period.
  • -lnternal:Reference books or other materials to be used inside the library only.
  • -Semester loan:students are allowed to borrow some textbooks for the whole sesemester.


User No .of books allowed loan Duration
Faculty 10 (1 month)
Students 5 (2 weeks)


General lnstructions:

  • -student ID card must be shown for borrowing materials.
  • - Keep quite in the library. It is a place for reading, studding and research.
  • - food or drinks are not allowed in the library.
  • - after using books put them in their right place, or leave them on the tables.
  • - text books must be returned on time. Please follow the announcements in this regard.
  • - users are responsible that are loaned by their name until they have been returned.



Two hundred Bz for each day of

Computer Unit


Times of occurrence of the performance of the service

Sunday to Thursday 8:00 - 14:50


Types of service:

  • - Provide internal borrow for students and faculty members like portable devices and display devices , cameras and other educational tools.
  • -Maintenance of and follow-up display devices within the classroom as well the department to complete their as help students within education techniques
  • - Provide technical support for Blackboard.
  • -The provision of technical services for the activities and events at the college.


  • - The right of faculty members to borrow from the hardware section for two hours.
  • -Students have the right to borrow tools from the department for two hours that the student leaves the university card with Section employee even re borrowed tool.
  • -No external borrow.
  • -Section will not help students without university card
  • -Bear faculty and students members after borrow any damage to the tool or device on loan.
  • -Patron to return borrowed tools within office hours.
  • -Section must be notified in writing two days before the date of effectiveness of the work seemed necessary and preparation for the events of the requested materials that all materials be returned after the effective immediately.
  • -Section is responsible for events held outside of the college
  • -In case of delayed return materials or sabotage materials penalty imposed on Patron.

General Guidelines:

  • -It is strictly forbidden to eat and drink within the department.
  • -Calm within the department.
  • -Prevents tampering with property section.
  • -Anyone who violates the laws and regulations section will present Himse lf for questioning.



Student Forms

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