Foundation Program


Students admitted into the foundation programme of the colleges of Applied Sciences are required to sit for an English placement test at the beginning of the first semester which is carried out in the Orientation week of the Autumn Semester. They will be streamed into four levels (A, B, C, and D) in light of their performance on the test. Streaming is helpful in determining students skills that require improvement and also in shaping the extra-curricular activities and teaching methods used each level.



The General Foundation Programme (GFP) aims to prepare CAS learners for academic and further education studies which can ultimately contribute to the ever changing local and national needs.


The General Foundation Programme (GFP) uses a learner centered approach to support students in developing their English language, mathematics, computing and general study skills and their capacity to be autonomous learners able to adapt to change.


(From the CAS Strategic Plan)

In its overall performance, CAS is committed to the following core values: 

Professionalism: CAS combines knowledge and skills with competency, honesty, accountability, responsibility and ethical behavior.  

Transparency: CAS acts in all matters with integrity, openness and fairness.    

Loyalty: CAS instills in its students, faculty and staff the value of being committed to the advancement and well-being of the nation.

Recognition of Creativity: CAS is committed to the pursuit of inquiry, discovery and creation and dissemination of knowledge.

Partnership: CAS collaborates and engages with other educational institutions, students, the industry and the community at large for applying knowledge to the well-being of the nation.

Service orientation: CAS adopts the highest standards of services and effectively and efficiently manages its resources.