TTO logo and logo statement


Technology Transfer Office @ CAS Sohar has designed an exclusive Logo which is inspired by the CAS logo and the copyright symbol (©).



  • Increase awareness about intellectual property (IP) in Oman.
  • Help transfer inventions in academic institutes to relevant industry.
  • Help promote inventions in both local and global markets.
  • Help protect new inventions in Oman through patents.



TTO’s vision is to support scientific research and invention at CAS Sohar.  To become the leading hub of technology transfer in Oman.


  • To create awareness regarding Intellectual Properties in the form of workshops, distributing educational content through various communication channels and reminders.
  • To boost the creativity among interested innovators
  • To guide the applicants in filing copyright and patent applications
  • To safeguard the interests of inventors.
  • Management of the IP rights.






The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) has been established at CAS-Sohar since February 2019. CAS-Sohar would like to thank The Research Council (TRC), Oman for the fund support of R.O. 20,000 towards the establishment and function of TTO. The new TTO office is located at the Penthouse of the Engineering Laboratories building. This office takes care of all IP related tasks and subsequent formalities.

The committee responsible for TTO functioning in the college are:

  1. Dr Wasil Hashim - Asst Professor, Engineering Department
  2. Dr.Noushath Shaffi - Asst Professor, IT Department
  3. Dr Nasser Al Fannah -Lecturer, IT Department
  4. Dr Abdulkarim - Asst Professor, IT Department
  5. Dr Ilyas Jedidi - Asst Professor, Engineering Department
  6. Dr Rajinder - Asst Professor, General Requirement Department
  7. Dr Sankar Sagi - Asst Professor, General Requirement Department.

This committee is responsible for conducting awareness workshops on IP, facilitating the invention disclosure process as well as many other duties. If you would like to enroll/be notified about future workshops conducted by the TTO CAS Sohar, send an email to:

The CAS-Sohar has a policy approved by the Ministry of Higher Education known as CASP013. The procedures of this policy has clearly mentioned the role of inventors and the ways to share the revenue generated by the invention. Furthermore, some very useful information regarding IP framework pertaining to Oman can be found here( ).

The TTO office also fulfills the QA requirement for the Intellectual Property(IP)  criterion of standard 4 of Institutional Standards Assessment Manual of the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA). The TTO at CAS, Sohar initiates the process for registering the ownership of the intellectual property through the invention disclosure form duly submitted by the  prospective researchers and thereafter it facilitates the inventors and  researchers to apply for the patent at the at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI). The MoCI is the designated entity at the national level to oversee patent related matters with regard to IP and the distribution of financial benefits among the researchers of a combined invention. Also, TTO encourages the faculty at CAS sohar to register for online courses on IP which are designed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)  and  is creating awareness by way of communication through emails and conducting workshops and seminars on a regular basis.







Future IP events of TTO Sohar

To achieve mission, vision and objectives of Technology Transfer Office, following activities have been planned:








Role of Technology Transfer Office @ CAS Sohar in light to the Intellectual Property Policy

Dr.Wasil Hashim





One Day Workshop on Intellectual Property

To be announced

Tentatively in Late January or Early February

09:00 am - 5:00 pm